New South River Baptist Association
Wednesday, December 13, 2017
World Missions At Our Doorstep

The New South River Baptist Association Toy Store provides families with toys for their children at Christmas and also gives us the opportunity to share the love of Jesus Christ with them.

Toy Store Ministry 2016

85 Families ~ 246 Children

9 Prayed a Prayer of Faith

1 Rededication




Each year the NSRBA collects thousands of toys and then gives families the opportunity to come and shop at our Toy Store.

  • ********PLEASE NOTE********

    The following list of items is given only as examples and suggestions to help you in selecting toys to share with us for this ministry.

    If you would like to be part of this wonderful ministry by providing NEW TOYS ONLY, here are some guidelines to follow:

    Types of Toys NEEDED:

    Barbie and Ken Dolls and Accessories (clothes, cars, etc...)

    Action figures

    Baby Dolls and Accessories (beds, strollers, clothes, etc..)

    Remote Controlled Cars, Trucks, Helicopters, etc.…

    Building and Construction sets (“K’NEX,” etc..) Basketballs, Footballs, and Soccer balls

    Musical Toys and Instruments

    Stuffed Animals

    Sleeping Bags

    Electronic games

    Riding toys (for younger and older children: “scooters,” skateboards, etc.)

    Items for Boys & Girls ages 11 & 12 years old (very big need)

    Types of Toys NOT NEEDED:

    Items not Christ honoring in nature: monsters, magic,

     violence, etc., games that promote “Gambling”,

    Swimming, pool toys and infant toys



Age range is for children ages 2 - 12 years old.

Deadline for Toy Store Ministry Toys & Applications
November 27, 2017.